jquery_logojQuery is the new standard for creating interactivity on your website. Unlike flash which is highly process intensive and cannot be viewed without having a flash plugin installed, jQuery is lightweight, can be viewed on any device and is pure code.

Some possible applications of jQuery on your website might include:

  • Slideshows
  • Featured Items for your Homepage or Inner Pages
  • Interactive Maps
  • Attractive Popups
  • Dynamic Content Replacement
  • and much more

You can see examples of the power of jQuery by clicking here and here.

We have even used some jQuery on this website.  For example, if you click the “Request Callback” button, a popup will fade in, or if you hover over “services”, the menu drops down smoothly.  On our [portfolio] page, when you click an item, the larger preview is powered by jQuery, and on some of the individual project pages, the image “carousel” on the left is powered by jQuery!

Little features like these add flair to a website, so please [contact-us] today to discuss your needs.

Bringing your website into the 21st century!