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Artwork & Web Design

Whether you require design work for a brand new product that you are launching, or a design for some business cards based on your company’s existing artwork, we will work with you to define exactly what you need and work with you right through to completion of the project and even beyond.  More Information


Over the past several years, dozens of clients have approached us to develop an online presence for their shop, product or brand and since delivering these websites, several of these clients have seen over £100,000 per year in turnover from their online stores alone. More Information


Joomla is a free, open source content management system that was originally released in 2005 and has since grown into a platform used by millions around the world.  More Information


jQuery is the new standard for creating interactivity on your website. Unlike flash which is highly process intensive and cannot be viewed without having a flash plugin installed, jQuery is lightweight, can be viewed on any device and is pure code.  More Information


You have just finished designing your brand new website – it looks great, but you aren’t entirely sure how to code it properly. After all, it looks great, so it should be coded to a high standard as well, right?

That where our PSD Conversion service comes in. You send us your design files, in whichever format you have created them (we prefer .AI, .TIFF or .PSD) and then we code the design for you.  More Information

Web Hosting

ZDN Computers is proud to offer an entire range of affording hosting services.   We may not be the cheapest, however we guarantee that our service is unrivaled, with 99.9% up time per month or your money for the month back!  More Information


When people hear about WordPress, they often assume its just a basic blogging platform, however WordPress has grown into one of the most popular and easy to use Content Management Systems available today!  More Information