We’ve just launched a redesign of the highly popular “Alice and Lois” blog at www.aliceandlois.com

To celebrate the launch of this new project, which was two months in the making, we’ve prepared some before and after screenshots to showcase the level of work that we’ve put into this project.

Lets start out with the homepage:

Alice & Lois Homepage - Before

This is how the homepage appeared before our re-design.


Alice & Lois Homepage - After

This is how the homepage appeared AFTER our re-design.


As you can see, the overall site has been completely revamped, giving the homepage a very visual, very modern, very clean and appealing look.  The new design has been met with positive reviews from visitors to the site, here are examples of some of the comments that have been left:

Discovered the blog not long ago, but i love it and this new look is great!!

The new website is stunning!!! Thank you for Sharing it with all of us!!!

Ladies, the new site looks incredible! Congrats on everything!

Now, lets take a look at the category pages, both before and after once again:

Alice & Lois Category Page - Before

The old category pages…..


Alice & Lois Category Page - After

…..and then after we re-designed it with an awesome visual grid layout.


Here is an example of the new comments sections that appear on the individual post pages:

Alice & Lois Comments - Before

The old comments layout. Not very nice to be honest….


Alice & Lois Comments - After

And then after we re-designed it


And here is an example of how recipes now appear on individual recipe pages:

Alice & Lois Recipes....

Recipes before we re-designed them


Alice & Lois Recipes - After!

Looking a bit more like an actual recipe print out after we applied new design to it!


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, while their existing theme offered only a basic, unoptimized experience for mobile and tablet users, the new theme is fully responsive and fully optimized for all devices whether it be a cell phone, a tablet, or your laptop or desktop computer.

Here once again are some before and after examples:

How the site looked on a mobile before we re-designed it.....


How the site looked on a mobile AFTER we re-designed it.....

How the site looked on a mobile AFTER we re-designed it.....

On a wider tablet device.

What do you think of all the re-design work we did for this project?

Do you like it?

Let us know in the comments below!

The team here at ZDN Computers is happy to report that a new office location has been opened in Paphos on the west coast of Cyprus whilst our office in Belgrade, Serbia is now closed.

We are continuing to offer support for our Serbian clientele via our Cypriot and UK locations, whilst pursuing new clientele out of our office in Paphos!

We will also be offering a new low cost starter website service very soon, so keep an eye on this website for details!

If you are viewing this blog post, then that means you are currently seeing the brand new ZDN Computers website.

The last time we updated our website was in 2010 which we believes speaks to to the longevity of the designs and code that we produce as a company.

Many months of design and coding have gone into this new website and you will find cool features dabbled around the website.    Our portfolio has been completely updated and overhauled.   Unlike some other companies which feel the need to showcase each and every website they have ever done, we choose instead to show a selection of our best.   In fact, if we loaded every single site that we’d ever done, the portfolio page would never stop loading, as over the past decade, we have designed, coded and delivered over 1000 websites, in fact, our 1000th website we delivered just a short while ago in January 2013.

Over the coming weeks and months, this blog will be updated with interesting news and articles to be written by our new in house editor – we are aiming for one article per week, however we may try to increase the frequency with guest writers and by allowing some of our staff members to write articles too!

No new site launch would be complete without a special offer, and it doesn’t get much better than this.   We are offering ten individuals, one year free GOLD hosting worth over £100!   Simply go to the hosting page under services, click “Shared” hosting, then under “Gold”, select “Order Now (Yearly)” and follow the checkout process, entering the following voucher code: zdn-free-hosting-2013.

This offer does not include a domain, so you’ll need to either redirect an existing domain, or purchase a new one.

In addition, we are offering ten clients a 10% discount on ANY non-hosting service – simply mention the code “zdn-2013-new-site” when e-mailing us, and we’ll apply a discount on your project!

We hope you all love our new website as much as we do and we look forward to serving you in the future!

Its been several months since we have updated the news page with anything, this isn’t because we haven’t been here but rather because its been so crazy mad!

If you check our portfolio page regularly, you will have noticed that we have added loads of new projects that we’ve worked on over the last few months, in fact we just added another six today, from November and December 2010.

Now that we are in 2011, things are still pretty hectic, but we promise to try and update this page a bit more often!

We have added around 6 new projects that we have been working on over the past month or so, to our portfolio page.

There have been several other projects that we have been working on as well, however due to various agreements in place, we are not permitted to include some of them in our portfolio.

ZDN Computers is also proud to annouce the commencement of a new internal project this month, which will be launching within the next 4 or 5 weeks in The Republic of Serbia.

Its been a very busy period for ZDN Computers over the past four or five weeks – hence the lack of updates here on our news page – we just haven’t had time.

That tied in with an incident which occured last week – we have literally been working 12hrs a day or more.

Here is a quick look at some of the projects we’ve been working on:

We’ve added 3 brand new projects to our portfolio that have been worked on over the past few weeks.   Here they are!

Spunky Girl Monologues is a travel blog for a canadian women!

The Belgrade Foreign Visitors Club is exactly what is says on the box, a club for foreigners or ex-pats in Belgrade, Serbia

The Hotel President is a 4 star design hotel located in downtown Belgrade, Serbia

Click on them to visit the websites!

We’ve added 3 new items into our portfolio.  1 of the projects, Pro RC Hobbies, is from last year, something which slipped through the cracks, which we built on CubeCart.

Enzu, was worked on in February, and the North California School of Music was one of many projects we’ve done this month.

Also, while we haven’t added it to our portfolio yet, check out http://www.hotelmrpresident.com/ – we just uploaded some upgrades to their website (booking module on the front page, jQuery image slider, updated layout) and we are now working on a brand new website for them, to be put online sometime next month.

We are happy to announce today that we have entered into an agreement with the presitigious, 4 star, Mr President Hotel located in Downtown Belgrade, Serbia.

We will be providing a small face lift to their current website, as well as meeting any artwork requirements they have (flyers, leaflets, menus, billboards, business cards) and creating 2 new websites later this year for new Hotel Branches they have upcoming in Belgrade!

We have added 3 projects to our porfolio today which we’ve been working on lately.

There are 9 others we need to add for the past 4 weeks and more will come later!

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